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What does an Oshawa General Dentist Do?

Some might not have been to a dental clinic before. Those dental procedures seem unfamiliar and they can’t decide which specialist to choose. In that case, an Oshawa general dentist is the primary go-to person if you need an oral checkup.

Most general dentists’ expertise covers a wide scope of the dentistry practice. But they put emphasis on preventive services as it can save patients from developing serious dental issues like periodontal disease.

Procedures done by an Oshawa general dentist

Here is a list of procedures that a general dentist in Oshawa performs:

Preventive care

Dentists perform regular dental exams, oral prophylaxis, and scaling as preventive measures so that their patients keep an excellent dental health. It’s a simple step to avert from dental problems and save costly dental surgery expenses.

Your Oshawa general dentist would also recommend proper dental hygiene techniques that you can do at home. Dental sealants are available to ensure your teeth are protected from bacteria buildup.

Restorative procedure

Dental trauma caused by an accident is sometimes inevitable but there’s hope with your general dentist in Oshawa. They can diagnose a dental issue and perform treatments such as dental fillings and endodontic therapies for decayed teeth.

Cosmetic services

Aside from teeth cleaning and orthodontics, the Oshawa general dentist can also help you in improving the appearance of your teeth. You can get a perfect set of teeth with services such as teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding.

Overall health evaluation

A dentist in Oshawa evaluates and put his patients in a dental test to detect a possible health threat. For instance, if you have sleep apnea disorder, your dentist can trace the cause aside from having thick mouth palates. Snoring is also a symptom to hypothyroidism.

Find out the various dental services you can get with your general dentist at Harmony Dental Care.  Reap the oral health benefits when you avail of their services.

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