pregnancy and oral health

Pregnancy And Oral Health Connection

Optimal health is vital both before and during your pregnancy. While most women are told about the importance of proper nutrition, limiting or completely avoiding certain items, good oral health also plays a key role for a healthy pregnancy. Poor oral health can seriously affect a pregnancy. Some studies link gum disease during pregnancy with a risk of low birth weight babies and pre-term births.

Oral Health Risks To Consider During Pregnancy

Get A Dental Check-Up
If you are planning to become pregnant, an oral exam is essential. It can help to identify current issues or identify potential issues. If there is current gum disease, you will need to get your gum health to optimal levels before pregnancy for the best outcome.

Schedule Outstanding Dental Treatment
If you have outstanding dental work that needs to be completed, try to complete it before you are pregnant. While dental x-rays are deemed safe during pregnancy, most women try to avoid x-rays during pregnancy. Having dental work completed before pregnancy allows you to have any necessary dental x-rays during treatment. Dental fillings are safe during pregnancy, however, many women find sitting in a dental chair uncomfortable during the late stages of pregnancy.

Keep An Eye On Morning Sickness
Fatigue, along with an increased gag reflex may accompany morning sickness symptoms. Even though it is challenging, it is vital to ensure that your mouth is kept healthy through regular oral home care. Remember to rinse your mouth with water if you vomited to reduce acid wear to your teeth.

oral care routine during pregnancy

Issues During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Gingivitis
During pregnancy, some women may have increased swelling and bleeding of the gums. Hormonal changes brings these symptoms on during the first trimester usually. However, with regular oral care, the effects can be mild or avoided completely. Continue with your regular dental cleanings during pregnancy, especially if you notice increased gum inflammation.

Pregnancy tumor
Even though it sounds scary, these growths are non-cancerous. The growths develop on the gums which may cause bleeding and discomfort. They usually go away after pregnancy, but sometimes may need to be removed by your dentist. Regular oral care is the best defense against formation of these growths.

If you are pregnant or thinking about it, a dental exam is important for your pregnancy. Contact us to schedule a visit today.

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