Preventive Care

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Preventive Care

Preventive Care

While Harmony Dental Care provides a wide range of services for treating dental problems, we’ve found that the best thing for dental health is to keep problems from happening in the first place. Preventative dental care involves teaching patients to maintain good oral health at home and providing treatment for patients with an eye toward the future dental health of the patient.

Gum Disease

In its early stages, gum disease takes the form of gingivitis, with symptoms like bad breath, bleeding gums, swelling, and redness. By treating gingivitis, we can prevent periodontitis. Periodontitis is a far worse form of gum disease that can destroy the bone that makes up the jaw. The treatment for gingivitis may involve improving oral hygiene, getting scaling and root planing treatment from a professional, and the regular use of an antiseptic mouthwash.


Tooth decay is another preventable dental health problem. We show patients proper brush technique, advise them on the right dental products to use, and make suggestions about diet to keep teeth healthy. We also provide patients with a professional cleaning at every dental checkup to remove plaque and tartar from teeth before they form cavities.

Early Diagnosis

Early diagnosis can prevent potentially serious and life-threatening conditions, like oral cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, oral cancer, and heart disease. If you have any cause for concern, book an appointment at our clinic.

We can also diagnose conditions early through regular checkups. Not only do we examine your teeth and gums, but we also check your face, neck, lips, and tongue for symptoms of problems that could get worse over time. We also use X-rays to look for problems that would otherwise be impossible to notice early on.

Preventive Dentistry for Kids

Kids are susceptible to different dental issues than adults. For instance, newly-erupted molars are more likely to suffer from cavities. To prevent tooth decay, we offer dental sealants to cover the molars with deep crevices. We also offer fluoride treatment to help children maintain healthy teeth into adulthood.

Preventive Care Services