Root Canal Therapy

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Root Canal Therapy

The root of a tooth can become infected after you suffer an injury (such as an impact to the face) or if a cavity remains in your tooth undetected. In these cases, the only option to remove the bacteria and stop the infection from spreading is root canal therapy.

The Procedure

Before we begin, we will X-ray your mouth to check the condition of the tooth. This will allow us to confirm that you do have an infection and that root canal therapy is necessary.

You will then receive a local anesthetic to numb the area. We may use a dental dam (the same as we use for fillings) to separate the tooth and keep it dry.

The next stage is to access the infection in the root. This involves drilling down through the middle of your tooth. We use files to remove the diseased pulp and then shape the inner chamber. We may also need to wash the chamber to remove remaining damaged pulp and then apply a antimicrobial solution to kill the bacteria. This will prevent the infection from returning.

After we have cleaned your tooth of bacteria, we need to fill the space left behind. We use a natural latex called gutta percha for this. We then seal the tooth with a temporary filling.

You will need to return to our clinic a few weeks later receive a permanent restoration in place of the temporary filling. This is normally a crown, sometimes combined with a supporting post in the tooth to retain structure.

Recovering from Root Canal Therapy

After root canal therapy, you need to pay extra attention to your oral health to prevent another infection, particularly if the infection was caused by tooth decay. We will give you recommendations on how to improve your oral care at home. We will also give you recommended times to revisit our clinic for any additional checkups.