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Dental Sedation for Children

Sedation dentistry Oshawa for children is often a huge concern for parents, and is definitely not something to be taken lightly. Dr. Peter Yao knows exactly how to provide sedation dentistry so that children aren’t traumatized by the serious dental work that may be necessary.

There are many different reasons that parents would choose dental sedation for children. The biggest reason is if a child has dental trauma and the treatment or procedure would require a lot of time and discomfort. Major dental trauma can include dental injuries, tooth reconstruction, or an extraction.

A child may also benefit from dental sedation if he or she is scared or incredibly apprehensive about visiting the dentist. If using Novocain has proven to be fruitless in allaying a child’s fears, then dental sedation may be needed to help perform certain dental procedures.

There are several different ways to provide sedation. Dr. Peter Yao understands the different needs of each child and will provide parents with the time and details of each procedure to allow them time to determine if or what procedure is best for their children.

If you believe that your child may benefit from light dental sedation, then be sure to speak with your dentist about the pros and cons as well as the risks. Although dental sedation may seem dangerous or more than your child can handle, it works in a variety of ways to mitigate risks.

At the end of the day, if dental sedation allows the dentist to perform a procedure that benefits your child’s overall dental health and smile, then it is well worth it.

Speak with a reputable and experienced dental clinic in Oshawa that specializes in dental sedation for children to learn more.

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