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Children's Dentistry In Oshawa, ON

Children’s Dentistry

Part of forming great lifelong habits for oral hygiene is seeing a dentist from a young age. Here at Harmony Dental Care in Oshawa, ON, we specialize in Children’s dentistry. Our children’s dentists have had extra training to ensure they understand how to best manage young patients and their teeth – starting with the very first tooth!

Infant Oral Health Exams

Harmony Dental Care recommends that your child receive his or her first dental exam as soon as the very first baby tooth can be seen. At this point, we will do a risk assessment for things such as cavities, genetic disorders, and conditions such as diabetes, asthma, hay fever, and ADHD. We can then offer advice on steps you can take at home to decrease oral hygiene problems, such as diet suggestions.

Preventative Treatment

The best treatment is prevention, and that’s why Harmony Dental Care offers dental sealants on molars and premolars that have deep crevices. This will help prevent cavities. Fluoride treatments are also available to promote healthy and strong teeth.

Orthodontic Services

Alignment and bite problems are assessed and corrected as soon as possible to decrease treatment times. There are traditional braces available as well as Invisalign and other orthodontic devices.


If your child has suffered an accident, such as a blow to the face, or a fall, we can help to save a knocked-out or fractured tooth with our emergency dentistry services. We are available 24 hours a day for problems like this, or for problems such as severe toothaches.

Gum Disease Treatment

We offer treatment for children’s periodontal disease, but we also help with other conditions in children, such as ulcers, short frenulae, and mucoceles.

Habit Counseling

If your child still sucks his thumb or uses a pacifier, we can help. We provide customized treatment plans to help stop thumb sucking and pacifier use in young children.

Sedation Dentistry

If your child has a lot of anxiety about going to the dentist, you might want to look into our sedation dentistry. For anxious children, children with special needs, and children who have strong gag reflexes, sedation therapy can be very helpful.

Other Services

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