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Dental Checkup And Cleaning In Oshawa, ON

Dental Checkup And Cleaning

Harmony Dental Care knows that most people don’t enjoy going to the dentist. However, you can save yourself future time and expense by making sure you are attending your scheduled checkups and dental cleanings. You will reduce the chance of needing an expensive dental procedure done while maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile.

During your visit to Harmony Dental Care in Oshawa, ON, your dentist is going to make sure your teeth are properly cleaned, do a full examination of your mouth, and take a dental x-ray.

Dental Checkup and Cleaning

You might be great at brushing twice a day and keeping up on your daily flossing, but there are some things that you might miss. There are stains and tartar that’s hardened on that’s going to be impossible for you to take care of on your own. There are also areas that you just might miss. Your dentist in Oshawa, ON will go over your teeth and remove the plaque and tartar that cause damage to your teeth.

Oral Exam

Your mouth will undergo a full examination at Harmony Dental Care. You might have perfectly healthy teeth, but there are some things that can still go wrong in your mouth. For example, you might grind your teeth at night without realizing it. Your dentist can notice problems like this, and help you figure out a good treatment plan. They will also check for the early signs of oral cancer. This is important because you want to catch it early before more noticeable problems arise.

Dental X-Ray

You will also receive a dental x-ray. After all, oral health isn’t just limited to what you can see. If you are having problems with the root of a tooth, or if your wisdom teeth have become impacted, an x-ray may be the only way to see this for sure. Sometimes cavities can be hidden between teeth as well, and an x-ray will show this. You might also have decay forming underneath a dental crown. Getting your dental x-ray will make these issues easier to find and easier to fix.

Interested in having a dental check-up and cleaning? Contact Harmony Dental Care to make an appointment today!

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