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Dental Crowns In Oshawa, ON

Dental Crowns

Crowns are considered to be one of the most common types of teeth restorations. These crowns will cover the entire part of the tooth that you can see and will restore it to its normal function and to its normal appearance. Your dentist at Harmony Dental Care in Oshawa, ON can help you decide if a crown is the best fit for your dental needs.

What are crowns used for?

Decay is one reason that a crown might be used. If the decay is severe enough, it might lack the structure to get a filling, an inlay, or an onlay. If this is the case, a crown may be recommended at Harmony Dental Care.

Aesthetic purposes are another reason to consider getting a crown. After all, crowns are made from porcelain or ceramic and are created to look just like your natural teeth. This can be great if you want to repair broken, worn-down, or misshapen teeth. You can even use a crown to cover up an extremely discolored tooth.

You can also use a crown to cover a dental implant. This creates an artificial tooth. The implant itself is simply a titanium post that has been inserted into your jawbone. This acts as the root of a tooth. The dental implant in Oshawa then needs a crown placed over it so it can regain the appearance and functionality of a normal tooth.

You can also replace missing teeth with a bridge. It fills the gap that’s left by the missing teeth, but it needs crowns in order to stay in place. You’ll get crowns on the teeth that are next to the bridge.

Receiving a Crown

It takes two visits to receive your crown at Harmony Dental Care. The first visit will consist of taking x-rays of the tooth in order to check the condition of the tooth’s roots. Then you will get a local anesthetic that will numb the area around the tooth. The tooth will then be prepped for the crown by having a reshaping done. Then the dentist will make an impression of your tooth to send to the dental lab.

When you return for your next appointment, the crown will be cemented into place, once the size and appearance are checked once more.

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