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Dentures In Oshawa, ON


If you don’t have a full set of teeth, it can be embarrassing and lower your self-confidence. If you’ve lost your teeth due to decay or because of an injury, you may want to consider getting dentures at Harmony Dental Care in Oshawa, ON.

Dentures are false teeth and gums that can be taken out of your mouth. The purpose of these fake teeth is to replace those that are missing. In the past, dentures were made of porcelain or plastic. Now, dentures are being crafted out of a hard resin. It’s more comfortable and makes for a longer lasting set of teeth.

How We Make Custom Dentures

Here at Harmony Dental Care, we pride ourselves on our high-quality and handcrafted dentures. Our dentists near you will make sure the dentures are created to best suit your speaking methods. The procedure we follow is both professional and done with you in mind to make sure your dentures are perfectly suited for you.

First, a dentist will take impressions of your teeth. The impressions are then used to craft a wax model of your mouth. Once this step is completed, we’ll offer several shapes of dentures that you can pick from. Once you’ve decided, we’ll send this model to the lab, and they’ll create your dentures. Finally, we’ll adjust it so that it fits comfortably in your mouth.

Why You Need Dentures

Without teeth, your quality of life goes down. They can make eating, chewing, and speaking much more difficult. With dentures, you can handle these things with ease once more.

  • They increase self-esteem. Missing teeth will lead to a distortion in your face’s physical appearance, and dentures can help solve this problem by making you comfortable with the way you look once more.
  • They provide stability. They are more stable than implants or plates and therefore lead to more comfort and confidence.
  • They’re easy to clean. You can take them out and clean them at any point or even bring them in for a professional cleaning.
  • They’re aesthetically pleasing. Since we use hard resin dentures, they can be customized to look exactly how you like them.

Complete Denture vs. Partial Dentures

For the most part, the dentist at Harmony Dental Care will recommend either partial dentures or complete bridges. A partial denture can be taken out and placed on a metal framework. It’s then fixed in your mouth. Complete bridges can be removable or conventional. The conventional is permanent, so you can’t remove it.

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