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Night Guards In Oshawa, ON

Night Guards

Teeth Grinding

Dental mouthguards come in two different types: sports guards and night guards. They are created with the goal of shielding the teeth, jaw, and mouth from harm. Night guards are prescribed to people who grind their teeth during the night and need help to protect their teeth from this dangerous habit. You can get one from Harmony Dental Care in Oshawa, ON.

Habitual teeth grinding at night is often referred to as bruxism. There’s no one right answer for why people grind their teeth at night. Some professionals have suggested that it comes from stress. This might be the case for some people. If you believe you are grinding your teeth at night due to stress, then you should practice some stress relieving activities during the day such as yoga, taking deep breaths, meditation, and many others.

It is also important to note if you grind your teeth during the day. If you do, you can try and pinpoint the emotion that happens when you start grinding your teeth. Also, practice never biting down on something unless it’s food.

You can diagnose teeth grinding at night by looking at symptoms such as teeth and jaw pain upon waking, worn down teeth, and asking a partner to listen to you while you sleep. You might be surprised at how much teeth grinding you do.

The Night Guard

The night guard will aid you in getting more restful sleep and help with other symptoms such as jaw pain and facial soreness. It will also help prevent you from having worn down teeth due to the grinding. Without using a night guard, you are risking breaking down the enamel on your teeth and potential tooth decay.

Harmony Dental Care is a great place to get fit with a customized night guard from teeth grinding. They will also help alleviate symptoms of TMJ, and from jaw clenching.

Night guards are a custom-made piece of technology that’s created from dental impressions, crafted in a dental lab using an acrylic material, and then fit in your mouth by a qualified dentist at Harmony Dental Care.

They can also reduce snoring and keep your airways from closing if you have certain types of sleep apnea.

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