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Teeth Cleaning / Scaling Treatment In Oshawa, ON

Teeth Cleaning / Scaling

Going into a dental checkup doesn’t sound like anybody’s idea of fun, but it’s very important to maintaining good oral health and keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. When you go in for a checkup at Harmony Dental Care in Oshawa, ON, you will receive a thorough cleaning. If you are exhibiting any signs of gum disease, this will become a deep cleaning that’s also known as scaling.

Why is a professional cleaning necessary?

It doesn’t matter how good you are at brushing your teeth. Here at Harmony Dental Care, we know that nobody is perfect, and some plaque is certain to remain on your teeth. This plaque turns into tartar over time. It is imperative that you get this tartar removed before it can begin negatively affecting your teeth and the rest of your health.

By removing plaque and tartar from your teeth, you are reducing the chance of getting cavities, preventing gum disease, and improving your breath. It also makes your smile more beautiful as it does help remove stains – therefore lessening the chance that you’ll need teeth whitening in Oshawa. Regular teeth cleanings also help lessen the chance of heart disease and strokes.

What is scaling?

Scaling is very similar to the rest of your teeth cleaning, except that it cleans tartar and plaque from beneath your gum line. It is removed using a combination of manual instruments and ultrasonic instruments.

Scaling is often combined with root planing. This is a treatment where we smooth out the surface of a root that’s become rough. This helps to stop plaque and tartar from gathering there again.

Your gum tissue might be sensitive. This is even more likely if any gum disease is present. If this is the case, we will provide a local anesthetic to numb your gums and help minimize your discomfort. We might also recommend a desensitizing toothpaste that will help stop further discomfort from happening.

Scaling treatments are recommended several times over the course of a few months. This is going to help get rid of the disease in your gums. If the gum disease has already turned into periodontitis, scaling is the first stage of your treatment plan at Harmony Dental Care.

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