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Thumb Sucking Prevention Treatment In Oshawa, ON

Thumb Sucking Prevention

Thumb sucking is a normal habit that’s found in some babies and young children. It can be very comforting, and usually isn’t anything to worry about. However, you should always watch to make sure this habit doesn’t have an impact on your child’s teeth. It’s also important to watch out for snoring that’s caused by nasal congestion or colds. It might require an anti-snoring device for early intervention from Harmony Dental Care in Oshawa, ON.

Thumb Sucking Behavior

Sucking on a thumb is a normal behavior that’s picked up very young. It’s a natural instinct and provides a sense of relaxation to a young child. Most kids will outgrow this by the time they’re four. If it persists after this, once their permanent teeth have begun to erupt, it might be time to think about breaking the habit.

Signs to Watch for in Habitual Thumb Sucking and Snoring

It’s important to watch the way a child sucks his thumb. Passive sucking is usually resting the thumb inside the mouth and typically won’t cause much damage. If the thumb sucking is aggressive, however, and puts pressure against the mouth and teeth, it can become a problem. Jaws of children are soft and can get misshapen and cause tooth alignment problems.

Snoring should not be overlooked either. It can be associated with sleep apnea. Children can’t articulate sleeping problems and symptoms very well, so snoring is something that can be a sign of troubled breathing.

Appliances to Stop Thumb Sucking and Snoring

If thumb sucking is not stopped soon enough, it can cause dental issues. Snoring causes sleeping problems. If not treated, these can cause health issues. Fortunately, dentists at Harmony Dental Care have appliances that can help stop these problems.

Appliances Used for Thumb Sucking

To stop thumb sucking, anti-thumb sucking appliances are used. These can consist of wires that connect the teeth together, so there’s no room for thumb sucking. This in no way harms the child. Other devices can include a thumb-mounted apparatus that can prevent thumb sucking.

Appliances Used for Snoring

There are several appliances that can treat snoring, known as snoring mouthpieces. They work like retainers to bring the lower jaw forward to make room for air to pass through without interruption. Other options include chin straps – recommended by Harmony Dental Care for people with sleep apnea.

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