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Sport Guards


Gear for Protecting Your Teeth

Dental mouth guards come in two main types: night guards and sports guards. They are designed to shield the teeth, jaw and mouth from harm. Mouth guards that are prescribed to patients who grind their teeth at night are called night guards, while mouth guards designed to protect athletes from injuring their mouths in contact sports are called sports guards. You can get either one from the dentists at Harmony Dental Care in Oshawa. Each one is customized to meet the patient’s needs.

Night Guards

Dentists recommend night guards as an intervention for bruxism, the habitual teeth grinding at night.  The night guard aids the user in getting more restful sleep and and helps with other symptoms of bruxism, such as jaw pain and facial soreness.  A night guard will protect the teeth from getting worn down by the constant grinding. Without a night guard, the habit of grinding your teeth leads to break down of the enamel and tooth decay.

Harmony Dental Care is a great place to get treated with a customized night guard for bruxism and the accompanying jaw problems, such as TMJ. Night guards assist in alleviating the TMJ symptoms and jaw pain. Dentists prescribe the regular use of night guards for TMJ patients as it results in less clenching, popping and clicking of the TMJ. It results in fewer toothaches and headaches associated with the TMJ and also relieves tinnitus.

Night guards are a great solution for people who suffer from bruxism, jaw clenching from TMJ problems or a habit of grinding their teeth. A night guard is a custom-made piece of technology, made from acrylic, constructed in a laboratory, and  fitted by a qualified dentist.

Different night guards can serve a variety of purposes, for example:

✓Aid airflow to reduces the snoring.

✓Keep the the airways from closing, for people with certain kinds of sleep apnea.

✓Protects the tooth from clenching and grinding.

Sports Guards:

This kind of mouth guard is particularly useful for people who participate in contact sports. Athletes need a way to prevent injury to the teeth and mouth. These injuries may be protected against or mitigated with the use of a sports guard. Basketball, soccer, hockey and football players are more likely to acquire an injury because of the hard physical contact involved and are advised to wear a mouth guard during play sessions.

Sports guards are made with a special cloth to absorb direct impact to the teeth when the head takes on impact during contact sports. They not only protect the the teeth, but also help protect against certain kinds of injuries to the head and skull as well.

Sports guards are protective gear designed for the mouth and help prevent serious injury to the gums, lips, and enamel.

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