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Thumb Sucking/Snoring Appliances

Thumb sucking is a common habit found in babies and small kids. It can be one of the most comforting aspects of childhood. In most cases, having a thumb-sucker in the family is not a cause to worry, but it is important to pay attention to the child’s habit if it is having an impact on their health. This is also the case when it comes to snoring that occurs on and off due to nasal congestion or the common cold, and may require an anti-snoring device for intervention.

Normal Thumb Sucking Behavior

This habit is usually picked up at a very young age. It is a natural reflex, and provides a sense of relaxation to the young child. According to research by the American Dental Association, most children grow out of this habit on their own between the ages of two and four. But, if this habit persists after the age of three years old, when his/her permanent teeth start to erupt, then it may be time to break the habit.

Signs to Look Out For In Habitual Thumb Sucking and Snoring

The way the child sucks his or her thumb is to be noted first. Passive sucking, with the gentle resting of the thumb inside the mouth, is less likely to cause damage. Whereas, if the thumb sucking is aggressive, placing pressure on the teeth or the mouth, this habit may be problematic. Because the jaws of children are soft, they can easily get misshapen as well as acquire tooth alignment problems.

On the other hand, snoring should not be overlooked in children. It is somewhat associated with sleep apnea. As children may not be able to articulate sleeping problems and the symptoms, snoring may be the most obvious sign of troubled breathing.

Appliances to Stop Thumb Sucking and Snoring

Thumb sucking, if not stopped early enough, may cause dental problems. And snoring causes sleeping problems and may interrupt everyone surrounding’s sleep. Either of these, if not treated, can cause serious health-related problems. Fortunately, dentists have come up with appliances that are helpful in alleviating these problems.

Appliances Used For Thumb Sucking

In order to break the habit of thumb sucking, anti-thumb sucking appliances are used. Some consist of wires that connect the teeth together so that there is no space to suck the thumb. These devices are designed to disrupt the motion of thumb sucking that in no way harms the child. Other devices include a thumb-mounted apparatus that can be worn on the thumb to prevent sucking during the day and night.

Appliances Used For Snoring

There are appliances available to treat snoring, known as snoring mouthpieces that work like retainers by bringing the lower jaw forward to make room for the air to pass uninterrupted. Other devices include chin straps, which are recommended for people suffering from sleep apnea. The chin straps work by closing the mouth to promote breathing through the nose.

Thumb sucking is primarily out of habit, while snoring is due to a blockage in the nasal passage. Both the conditions, if left untreated, may have long-term effects. The appliances work by means of a clamp, to position the jaw in a way that allows easy air flow. If you need thumb sucking or snoring appliances, contact us today so we can find the solution that is right for you.

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