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Transform Your Looks with Dental Veneers Treatment Near You

Although you may not realize it, your looks can become impacted if your teeth have minor defects like discoloration, chips, cracks, or uneven teeth with gaps between them. In addition, you may not have information on how to transform your looks with dental veneer treatment near you in a couple of appointments with the cosmetic dentist in Oshawa. To help educate you on how to change your appearance with dental veneers, we explain how a cosmetic dental treatment helps improve your smile and appearance by getting dental veneers to conceal your dental defects.

Dental Veneers Explained

Dental veneers are slimy tooth-shaped shells bonded to the front surfaces of your top front eight teeth, most visible when you smile. You do not have to conceal all your front teeth but consider hiding the defective ones by getting one or two dental veneers in Oshawa, ON, to improve their appearance and looks for a decade or more after an appointment with the provider.

If you dislike dental appointments, you must overcome your fear because it is essential to transform your looks. Your initial meeting with the Oshawa provider is to examine your teeth to determine whether they are eligible for dental veneers. If you have tooth decay and gum disease, the dentist recommends treating the problems before getting dental veneers to improve their appearance. However, if you are eligible for tooth veneer services, the dentist offers you porcelain or composite veneers in one or two appointments.

Porcelain veneers require customization from a dental lab to fit over your tooth after they are prepared by removing some tooth enamel to accommodate the shells. Although the treatment causes discomfort, the dentist ensures you feel no pain by giving you local anesthesia. You also receive temporary acrylic veneers over the prepared teeth for protection until the dental laboratory fabricates your permanent surfaces in approximately three weeks.

You must revisit the Oshawa dentist after three weeks to have your permanent surfaces bonded over your teeth after removing the temporary shells. The dentist completes your second appointment quickly by checking the colour and fit of the permanent veneers before bonding them over your teeth using special dental cement.

If you prefer composite resin surfaces, you can receive the shells on your teeth in one appointment. Composite resin veneers do not require tooth enamel removal. Instead, the dentist applies a conditional liquid over your teeth to rough their surfaces to help the composite bonding material adhere to your tooth and function like a custom-designed shell. In the case of composite resin veneers, you can conceal your defective teeth in one appointment with the dentist to return home with your dental defects hidden for a decade without temporary veneers or local anesthesia.

What Happens After You Get Dental Veneers?

After you hide your dental defects with veneers, it helps you smile confidently without fear because the shells improve your looks to make you appear like an outgoing person ready to mingle with others by smiling confidently. In addition, your transformation looks to open up new career and romantic opportunities you need to gain earlier. In short dental veneers, besides transforming your looks, also give you numerous chances to improve various aspects of your life in one or two quick appointments with the dentist and a small investment in your smile.

How to Care for Your Dental Veneers?

Whether you receive traditional porcelain veneers or composite resin shells caring for them is essential to maintain their longevity and safeguard your investment. However, caring for the surfaces does not require additional investments in dental tools. You can continue using your toothbrush to clean your teeth twice daily, floss your teeth at least once, and visit your dentist for six monthly exams and cleanings.

Besides the above, you must ensure you do not use your veneered tooth to chew complex objects like ice, pens, or pencils or use them as tools to open packages. If you care for the porcelain shells as your dentist recommends, they will remain on your teeth for over 15 years before needing replacements due to natural wear and tear. However, composite resin shells can discolour if you have pigmented foods and beverages frequently to need replacements faster. However, if you limit the consumption of foods and drinks that can stain your teeth, you can expect the composite resin shells to remain on them for at least a decade.

If your teeth impact your overall appearance, you can receive help from Harmony Dental Care to transform your looks in one or two appointments with dental veneers. Therefore why not arrange a meeting with them to determine your eligibility for dental veneers and change your looks by getting your preferred dental veneers?

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