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What Is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a common dental procedure. It involves the removal of gum tissue to expose more of the upper part of a tooth. In some cases, removal of bone and gum tissue is necessary.

Who needs crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is needed when there isn’t enough of a tooth exposed above the gums to treat it effectively. A tooth that is broken or decayed below the gums need crown lengthening before certain dental procedures are performed.

crown lengthening - oshawa dentist - harmony dental care

This procedure can also be done for aesthetic reasons, to correct what is known as a “gummy smile,” where the teeth appear short due to an excess of gum tissue.

The procedure:

Crown lengthening can usually be done with only local anesthetic, although you can discuss additional sedation options if necessary.

The length of the procedure depends on how many teeth are involved. Crown lengthening can be done on a single tooth to be able to place a restoration, or on many teeth to correct a “gummy smile.” When the procedure is done on a single tooth, the adjacent teeth may also need to be treated to have the best results.

In some cases, only gum tissue will need to be removed. If the restoration is too close to the supporting bone, some of the bone will also need to be removed and re-sculpted. There must be enough space between a filling and the jawbone, or the area will be prone to inflammation.

Sutures and a periodontal dressing may be needed to hold the tissue in place and protect the area during the initial healing. Pain medication and antibiotics may be prescribed. Post-care instructions will ensure the best results.

crown lengthening - oshawa dentist - harmony dental care

Crown lengthening is a relatively simple dental procedure that can assist in saving teeth that are severely broken or decayed. It can also restore confidence in someone who doesn’t like their “gummy smile”. If you have any questions about this procedure, call us today: (905) 720-3555

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