White Dental Fillings in Oshawa

What are white dental fillings?

In the past, all fillings were made of silver amalgam which are highly visible. Now, most fillings are white dental fillings. White dental fillings in Oshawa are made of powdered glass and acrylic resin, which can be coloured to match that of the tooth being filled. The resin adheres to the tooth and helps secure the tooth from further harm. A new white dental filling can also help decrease sensitivity to cold and heat.

Are white dental fillings expensive?

Typically, white dental fillings cost more than the silver amalgam fillings, however, most insurance providers will cover part of the cost of white dental fillings but only the portion of the cost equivalent to what a silver amalgam filling would cost. The rest of the cost must be covered by the patient of pocket.

How long do white dental fillings last?

White dental fillings are mostly used in small cavities and in teeth that do the least chewing as they are not as durable as amalgam fillings. How long the white dental filling will last is dependent on what tooth it is placed in and how big the cavity is that is being filled. Also, it should be noted that the white dental filling can change colour.

Why should I choose white dental fillings?

White dental fillings look great and are barely noticeable. You should consider getting them if, for example, you do not want people to see you have silver amalgam fillings.

If you are interested in white dental fillings, speak to your Oshawa dentist. They should be able to advise you on which filling material will work best for you.

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